Agrigento Farm Holiday

In Villa Diana the welcome is different than that of an urban welcome it is more like a farm holiday.

Our many olive trees that surround the villa invite our visitors to take a walk and admire the countryside. This is very inviting during the month of october when we pick our olives in the traditional way. We still pick our olives by shaking the branches of the tree with long sticks so that the olives fall onto large nets, visitors can watch and also participate.

Being in the countrysidewe offer fresh traditional products for breakfast. Sheep ricotta, fresh free-range eggs, typical cheeses like Pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and local fresh fruit. The genuine farmer traditions are offerd so as to incourage a tourism to discover the beauty of the area, just like rural tourism of Agrigento.

For this reason Villa Diana has typical animals which can be found on a farm.

Donkeys, sheep and goats, geese, chickens and peacocks. Also a strange breed of goat which has strange horns: the “ girgentana goat“.

The safeguard of this breed contributes in the development of the area and enriches the visitor in what farmlife really is.


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