The History

The villa unveils its many areas, through the well preserved antique furnishings, it tells the story of our family, that have been the only owners.

The potraits of the family members, in the main hall, excite curiosity to our visitors. The face of a young lady in a watercolor picture on an art noveau stand. The 1903 oil painting of Salvatore Spadaro, docter and great grandfather of the owners today. Later in the mid-nineteenth century the knowledge and passion for medicine was passed on to his son Gerlando and continued to his grandson Salvatore.

In Villa Diana you can find his degree from 1861, and a showcase with original surgical instruments and the microscope used in that period.

Our visitors can admire sicilian furnishings which have been preserved through the various generations as well as different furniture and objects, in a general harmony, that shows the love for the beautiful and authentic.

The Murano chandeliers have enlighten each floor for over 60 years, the large golden mirrors enrich the hall in which we serve with loving care breakfast.

Around the house you will find antique glass sets, petroleum lamps, porcelain statues, an opaline bathroom set and a 1930’s piano which belonged to the mother of the current owners.

History continues and now our visitors also help us to write it. For over 15 years we have welcomed, as family, all our visitors from over the world who have the pleasure to share the beauty of this place.


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