In the City


The Festival of the almond tree in bloom and Folklore Festival (February-March)

Every year Agrigento celebrates the arrival of the spring with “La Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore”. Shows, dances from folk groups from all over the world and a large folk festival animates the city for a week.

A very suggestive traditional torchlight procession with all the folk groups through the main roads of the city up to the Concordia Temple in the Valley.

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You will witness an amazing natural show in the Valley of the Temples with all the almond trees with their beautiful white bloom!

Holy Week– Easter period

In Agrigento’s streets there are the Holy Week customs, with statues of Jesus Christ and Mary brought in procession. These are moments of large public religious gathering.

Festival for Saint Calogero- July

This is a festival that shows worship and popular traditions, which every year under the scorching sun for the first two Sundays of July, sees a statue of the “Santo Nero” carried in procession in Agrigento’s streets, through the crowds. This feast is very close to people from Agrigento as it is full of many traditions.

In the Province


San Biagio Platani: Easter Arches- Easter period

This is one of the most significant Sicilian festivals. This is a tradition that dates back to the eighteenth century, along the main roads artistical arches made of canes are decorated with citrus fruits, laurel and mainly bread of different sizes and shapes. These arches are setup from the Sunday

of the Holy Week when Jesus meets Mary and last for a month.

Come and see this suggestive tradition.

Favara: Holy Week and the Easter Lamb Festival

In Favara, which is only 4 Km from Villa Diana, at Easter the town is filled with a typical sweet that has the shape of a lamb it is made with an almond mix together with a pistacchio mix. A sweet traditional delight typical of the place.

Let us know, before, if you would like to taste this speciality.

Casteltermini: Holy Cross Festival and Taratatà Festival– last week of May from Friday to Sunday

This feast honours a rustic suggestive cross that dates back to the first century A.D. There are also rural rites characterized by a dance mimed to a drum beat.


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